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80 square meter apartment in a family building from the 1940s in the heart of Tel Aviv. The apartment was divided into two apartments, with one entrance. Bathrooms and kitchens Improvised, raised floor and error sequence. The couple, in their 30s, a social worker and a lawyer lived in the small apartment and came to me with a request to redesign the apartment. I asked them to describe themselves and their dream. We translated all of these into the rebuilding of the apartment while looking at future changes. Befitting a typical Tel Aviv apartment, a few square meters and a lot of activity inside. Every space was used to the maximum. The diagonal lines of the apartment led to creative planning solutions and adapted storage spaces. The apartment was designed for three different and dynamic scenarios that will change according to the needs of the family. The combination of the materials of natural wood parquet, light-colored cabinets that are felt as part of the walls, a design carpentry element in the center of the space and the correct use of lighting create a pleasant and spacious space, with a precise design statement.

Photographer: Shiran Carmel

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